Lexa Interviews: Brooke Walsh

Meet overjoyed Brooke Walsh, a New York-based photographer

“Growing up,” Walsh says, “I idolized my dad a lot watching him take photos and doing video edits of our holidays. I didn’t realize my passion for photography until I was older, when I was struggling a lot with my mental health. I had thought to myself, ‘What is my purpose?'”

“That summer, I took some time to myself and began to take photos on my IPhone 8 Plus and it made me feel so happy. I had a moment of this is what I want to do. When I was 18, I had found out my uncle died unexpectedly, he always was interested in photography and videography. I think it was his way of telling me, “This is your calling, go for it.” He is the main reason why I continue my work as a photographer, I create in his memory. I knew what my purpose was at the age of 22 and looking back, I felt my uncle trying to connect with me through our passions.”

“I’m currently 23 years old, living in New York and just starting out as a photographer professionally! I’m so blessed to connect with new photographers and watch their work grow. The photography community is amazing and is now my second family!! I’ve made amazing connections and friendships I wouldn’t trade for the world. I love the encouragement towards my photos! They always want me to become better and I encourage the same to them! I love to see them grow as artists!! I’m also so grateful for my friends and family who love my work and who always ask for photos!”

“It’s so amazing to have a dad, who is also your mentor, who wants to see you get better and takes you out on gigs to get better at your craft ! I always wanna get better at photography day by day! I even take classes to learn more about my camera and learn more about photoshop and editing! I know I can always get better!!”

Right now, Walsh is currently working on still-life photography during the pandemic. “I’ve been at home, so I decided to use some accessories from around the house and created a downstairs photo studio in my basement (with the help from my dad who is again my biggest supporter)! I want to take this time to grow as a photographer and work on a subject that is new to me! Also I’ve been taking some online classes from this website called “Creative Live” and also on how to run a photography business because I want this to be a career as I get older! I’m still new to this, but I want to keep growing in this as much as possible.”

“My advice for anyone who wants to start in photography: it’s a process and you get better and better when you practice! When I first started into photography I used my phone as my camera and then used VSVO to edit my photos and I thought “oh wow these are amazing!” Then it fireballed into getting my Canon t2i and buying a telephoto lens as I began to learn how to edit on Lightroom! It’s a process and it’s so amazing how far I’ve come looking at my photos! Also a big word of advice is network and don’t stay on one social media platform! Branch out and be proud of your work! Someone will notice how talented you are and appreciate your work so much!! Never compare yourself to other people’s work because your art is different from everyone else’s

Brooke points out again that networking is essential if you want to grow! “As a photographer, my goal is always trying to put out my work on different platforms, meet my fellow photographers peers to hear what they have to say and get some good ideas and advice! It’s super helpful when you want to start any career, but especially photography! We are so lucky to have social media and connect with everyone, so don’t be afraid to branch out! Networking as helped me a lot when I started photography because I was mostly on Instagram, but my work WASN’T really getting noticed. I started a Twitter, got more engaged on Facebook and then I started new relationships with my first few gigs from networking!”

You can find Brooke Walsh’s social medias and portfolio below, be sure to check them out!

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